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Orange Resin Sculpture Modern Art

Orange Resin Sculpture Modern Art


This orange resin sculpture modern art is more than just contemporary desk art, it's home décor with a story behind it.

Orange #1 (bottom) was sitting outside on the porch, enjoying a warm summer day. The sun was out with only a few wispy clouds drifting slowly by. It was a good day; all was well. Orange #2 (top) was also having a pleasant day, slowly flying along without a care in the world, enjoying the clear air and warm weather.

But then it happened, Orange #2 started to fall. Try as he might, he could not stop his rapid descent. Unable to change his path and to his great dismay, he impacted Orange #1 at a pretty steep angle. His speed at the time of impact was so great that he wound up embedded in Orange #1.

Both Orange #1 and Orange#2 survived but would be forever joined together as one, thus Orange #3. Having been very fond of the Oranges, it was decided to cut them out of the porch and cover them in resin so they would live on. All hail Orange #3.

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